Wildeboer House

Designed by architect Malcolm Wildeboer of Vandenberg & Wildeboer Architects in Ottawa, this modern stone home near the Grand River was inspired by the many historic mills found in Ontario. It features an infinity window at the end of a hallway with a view to an old mill stone surrounded by dry stone walls. Inside, is a modern kitchen with bold red tile walls and accents, and a second level catwalk that looks out over a large open living room with a stone fireplace.  A glass hallway links the main building to a separate master bedroom, giving it the feeling that the room is in a separate, adjoining, building — the mill house. Outside, a stunning backyard is surrounded by woodlands and with a waterfall flowing into a pond. A stone garden path leads back around the side of the house to where the old mill stone is situated. The extensive landscaping surrounding this home was designed and built by Whispering Pines Landscaping.




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